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Travelling and Cybersecurity

As more and more of us may be travelling for business and in-person meetings outside of the office, as well as starting to take vacation as the weather warms up, it’s important to follow some basic information security tips to stay cybersafe. In the heat of a business negotiation or in the heat of the sun on a beach, we may forget to practice good cyber hygiene and leave ourselves open to a possible cyber incident.

So here are some basic cybersafe tips to keep in mind when you are away from home and travelling…

Mobile and Personal Devices

  • Keep your mobile devices (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) with you at all times; secure them in a hotel safe or other secure place (not in a car’s trunk) when they are not in use
  • Make sure anti-virus software is updated on your personal devices; you will have a greater level of protection in the event that a hacker tries to download malware on your device if your anti-virus software is up-to-date
  • When prompted by your device’s manufacturer for an update, allow it to run as soon as possible; sometimes these updates install software security patches or other security enhancements that provide an added layer of protection
  • Disable Bluetooth in your mobile phone’s device settings as hackers can access/intercept Bluetooth signals


  • Don’t assume public Wi-Fi is safe; use a reputable source (e.g., hotel) and confirm the password directly with staff from the establishment
  • Don’t automatically connect to public Wi-Fi; in device settings, turn the auto-connect feature OFF so the device does not automatically connect to unsecure Wi-Fi networks
  • If you MUST use public Wi-Fi, be extra cautious; avoid accessing personal accounts or sensitive data

Physical Security

  • If you do not need your laptop or other electronic equipment, then do not take them with you; leave them at home in a secure place
  • Some travel destinations may pose a higher risk of theft. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • If you are travelling on business, be careful about discussing sensitive topics in public places; also, be alert for people “shoulder surfing” (looking over your shoulder to try to get sensitive information or passwords from your laptop screen)

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