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Looking Ahead at What We Can Expect

The MUFG U.S. Macro Strategy team is dedicated to formulating U.S. Fixed Income views, market strategy thought leadership, and actionable trade ideas for our institutional clients.

Headed by George Goncalves, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of sell-side and buy-side experience, the team focuses on rates, MBS, credit, the Fed/global central bank policy, U.S. dollar funding dynamics and all things macro-related.

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George Goncalves
Head of U.S. Macro Strategy
New York, NY

Our approach to analysis

Our U.S. macro strategy team’s four-pillar approach uses analytic tools and various databases to pinpoint what will motivate investors to reallocate assets, or to deploy new or different trading strategies. These techniques, along with historical market perspective, give a complete macroeconomic picture for our coverage teams and SMEs, and for our clients. 

Our approach is grounded in economic fundamentals and studying market movements. We leverage big data to do historical time-series analysis of what is potentially priced-in for the economy and markets that we track and compare them to historical patterns among many other things.

George Goncalves, Head of U.S. Macro Strategy

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George is a bond market veteran with 25 years of industry experience primarily focused on fixed income. George leads MUFG’s U.S. Macro Strategy team and covers a variety of topics including the Fed/dollar funding dynamics, broad credit and rates trends, as well as MBS.