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Solutions for Working Capital Management and Asset Servicing

Understanding working capital management is fundamental to operating a business effectively and efficiently. The key is having solid processes and procedures in place for managing all elements of working capital, such as treasury management.

As a preferred provider of transaction banking solutions, MUFG can help you streamline the working capital cycle, optimize liquidity, and minimize risk. Take advantage of our financial solutions and industry experience to support your goals in treasury, trade, and asset management.

The Real ROI Is More Time in Your Day

MUFG Transaction Banking helps streamline treasury, trust, and trade finance activities.

MUFG Commercial Card Program

Our comprehensive commercial card program leverages our experienced card consultants and innovative technology to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Learn more about our Commercial Card Program.

Green Deposits – A Sustainable Investment

At MUFG, we’re working to advance clean-energy technology and provide financial services to companies developing sustainable energy solutions. As part of that commitment, our Green Deposit products1, 2 are designed exclusively to fund Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) projects, such as renewable energy, including wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass, as well as smart metering.

Our business clients can now partner with us in our dedication to environmental stewardship as we help society build toward a more equitable low carbon future.

Learn More about our Green Deposit Framework


Maintain your portfolios' daily liquidity requirements, earn competitive yields, manage diversification, and save administrative time with MoneyPort.

Learn More about MoneyPort®

Payables Services

Our electronic payables services help you make payments more efficiently and cost effectively. Our products for accounts payable optimize working capital by enabling you to maximize payment terms and discounts, migrate suppliers to electronic invoices, and payments, and detect and prevent fraud.

Same-Day ACH is here. Learn how to take advantage of faster payments and what it means for you.

Trade Finance Solutions

With our global resources and industry expertise, MUFG can offer customized finance solutions as well as traditional trade products to support your import and export activity as you expand your operations. Our goal is to help you maximize international and domestic trading potential, while managing cash flow on a global basis.

Escrow Services

For more than a century, MUFG Union Bank, has offered escrow services to meet the terms for a variety of transactions. Our escrow professionals provide a safe, fair, and secure way to hold funds, securities, and assets until the conditions of your business arrangement are satisfied.

Learn more about our Escrow Services

Project Finance & Agency Services

MUFG Union Bank has provided agency services for project finance transactions since the inception of the industry. You can depend on our project management skills and industry insight to promptly and skillfully effect the complex flow of funds, payments, and documentation review for your project to run smoothly from initiation to completion.

Learn more about our Project Finance and Agency Services

(1) The deposit account associated with the Green Deposit product offered through MUFG Union Bank, N.A. is governed by the Business Accounts & Services and Transaction Banking Services Disclosure and Agreement, the Time Deposit Accounts Disclosure, and other applicable terms and conditions (provided by your banker at account inception). MUFG Union Bank, N.A., is a Member FDIC, and its banking products are insured up to applicable FDIC insurance limits.

(2) The deposit account associated with the Green Deposit product offered through MUFG Bank, Ltd. is governed by the Deposit Accounts & Services Disclosure Agreement, the Cash Notice Deposit Account Agreement for Corporate Customers, and other applicable terms and conditions (provided by your banker at account inception). MUFG Bank, Ltd. is NOT a Member FDIC and its products are NOT insured by the FDIC or any other government agency.