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Our economists explore the forces and trends impacting the US economy and provide insights on key economic indicators.

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Date Title Link
03/24/2023 Macro vs financial stability View
03/10/2023 The labor market remains defiant View
03/03/2023 Eyes are back on goods inflation and manufacturing View
02/17/2023 Focus on the signal and not the noise View
02/03/2023 Strong demand or the calm before the storm? View
01/31/2023 Wage growth has likely peaked, but risks remain  View
01/27/2023 The economy is showing signs of weakness View
01/06/2023 There is still a demand problem in the US View
12/15/2022 Some mixed signals on employment growth View
12/02/2022 The labor market is still too strong View
11/25/2022 Markets are overly optimistic about inflation View
11/04/2022 The labor market is not responding to the Fed View
10/28/2022 More questions than answers for the Fed View
10/07/2022 The third quarter ends with a strong labor market View
09/06/2022 Labor costs pose the biggest threat to prices and profit margins View
09/02/2022 The summer ends with solid job growth View