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With the realization that clients’ needs are complex and may require solutions that cut across multiple practice areas in banking, MUFG established Working Capital Solutions  (WCS)—a cross-disciplinary group comprising senior bankers with varied specializations.

WCS functions as a think tank that brings together subject matter experts from six domains whose mission is to identify a client’s objectives, understand its challenges, evaluate potential solutions and tailor a holistic, multifaceted strategy addressing its needs.

WCS consists of lead bankers in asset-based finance, trade finance, commodity and structured trade finance, securitized products, supply chain finance and transaction banking. The solutions WCS pursues can span two or more of these practice areas and commonly involve the following activities:

  • Identifying objectives:
    • Process improvement
    • Lowering interest-rate costs
    • Improved leverage
    • Incremental liquidity
    • Shorter cash-conversion cycles
  • Addressing challenges:
    • System capabilities
    • A/P and A/R processes and terms
    • Resource availability
    • Supplier-buyer relationships
  • Evaluating potential solutions:
    • Comprehensive payable and receivable solutions
    • Liquidity solutions
    • Reporting and analytics
  • Implementing a holistic approach:
    • Identifying key stakeholders
    • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and accountability
    • Executing a working capital solution

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Global Financial Solutions
Terry McKay

Commodity and Structured Trade Finance
Marcie Weiss

Supply Chain Finance
Maureen Sullivan

Transaction Banking
Chaz Present

Asset-Based Finance
Ed Gately

Securitized Products
Eric Williams

Trade Finance
Steven Lotito

Working Capital Solutions with MUFG

Now, more than ever, Corporations are looking for opportunities to maximize their working capital. With every organization having different goals and needs, having the right partner to provide the solutions to meet your specific needs is the key to successfully managing your working capital.