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Prime Rate

The prime rate (US$) for MUFG Bank, Ltd., is 7.00%. (Effective as of November 03, 2022)

The prime rate is the rate of interest set by MUFG Bank, Ltd. from time to time as its prime commercial lending rate for extensions of credit in U.S. Dollars. Each change in the prime rate shall be effective from the date such change is publicly announced as being effective. The prime rate is used as a basis to set interest rates on different types of bank loans and lines of credit. MUFG Bank, Ltd. may price loans to its customers at, above, or below the prime rate. The prime rate is not intended to be the lowest rate of interest charged by MUFG Bank, Ltd. in connection with extensions of credit to debtors.

Note: The effective date reflects the date when MUFG Bank, Ltd last altered its prime lending rate.

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