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Comprehensive Range of Services

At MUFG Union Bank, N.A., our knowledge of the industry enables us to streamline our administration of the complex flow of payments and documentation review necessary for the success of your venture.

Our experience helps us meet the stringent requirements of acting on your behalf as:

  • Security agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Account bank
  • Depositary bank
  • Securities intermediary

A Full-Service Provider

We assist you to fulfill obligations, such as:

  • Reviewing the terms of your deal and its documentation prior to closing for a full understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all parties
  • Adhering to the terms and provisions of governing documents
  • Monitoring document milestones, trigger events, force majeure, debt service coverage ratios, and minimum balance requirements
  • Maintaining account balances, monitoring permitted investment restrictions, and managing foreign exchange requirements
  • Maintaining the required priority waterfall
  • Transferring funds on a timely basis

Learn more

For more information, please contact your relationship manager.

For more information, contact one of our team members:

Project Finance Agency & Escrow Services/United States & Canada
Julie Good

Project Finance Agency & Escrow Services /Asia & Latin America
Rafael Diaz

Escrow Services/Pacific Northwest & California
Dean Levitt

Escrow Services/Eastern U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa & Australia
Nils Dahl