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Our Commitment to DEI, Culture & Philanthropy (DCP) 

At MUFG, we strive to be the most trusted financial institution, globally, and the employer of choice for people from all backgrounds. When we unite around that common goal, we make progress. That progress starts with our commitment toward diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), culture, and philanthropy because its everyone's responsibility. Together, we'll continue to focus on the human element, evolve our daily actions, and deliver on our mission.

Bringing It All Together

To more closely integrate our DEI, Culture & Philanthropy (DCP) work, we have aligned our teams into one group to help ensure a collective and holistic approach. The group helps direct actions for which colleagues at all levels of the company remain accountable—DCP is everybody’s business, and all colleagues have an opportunity to get involved. These people-focused efforts influence our culture, workforce, marketplace, suppliers, and community, and inspire a greater sense of belonging and accountability at every level.   

Inclusive Culture

With our actions anchored in our Culture Principles, we are committed to creating a culture of belonging and strive for all colleagues to feel engaged, valued, and empowered to be their most authentic selves at MUFG.


Diverse Marketplace

We continue our commitment to serve diverse communities, support diverse suppliers, and help close racial and gender wealth gaps.


Empowered Community

MUFG supports organizations dedicated to social justice, racial and gender equity, arts and culture, and economic prosperity through access to economic opportunities in a variety of communities and neighborhoods.


Executive and Business Unit DCP Councils

The Executive DCP Council and Business Unit DCP Councils, comprised of senior leaders within the organization, are critical in bringing the enterprise DCP strategy to life and maximizing opportunities to impact meaningful change.


Employee Resource Networks (ERNs)

To support our colleagues and further cultivate an inclusive culture with consistent employee engagement, MUFG offers eight ERNs to build community connection and bring recognition to multiple dimensions of diversity. Our ERNs focus on key markets, employee populations, and are generally aligned to government-protected classes based on race, ethnicity, gender, generation, sexual orientation, veteran status, and mindfulness concepts.



Embracing DEI

As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, we’re committed to incorporating DEI into every aspect of our culture and business. 

Diverse office crowd

Marked by an appreciation for the contributions of all team members, our inclusive culture is combined with a commitment to building a diverse workforce. Colleagues at every level within our organization play a critical role in advancing DCP efforts and help position MUFG with a competitive advantage as a first-call bank of choice for clients and potential job candidates.


Discover the MUFG Way

Across the globe, the MUFG Way is a concept that reinforces our commitment to empowering a brighter future for our clients, our communities, and the financial services industry, as a whole. The MUFG Way empowers our colleagues to realize the unique value of their contributions within their individual roles—everyone at MUFG contributes to this purpose.  

In “MUFG Way – Bringing it to Life”, you can read first-hand accounts of how colleagues around the world bring the MUFG Way and our Culture to life every day.



Empowering Our Communities 

MUFG’s DCP commitment extends into relationships with diverse communities through education and awareness. And it helps support our clients’ changing needs, enhance business opportunities, and achieve transformational growth.

Empowering Community

As it relates to our philanthropic endeavours, we believe social investments are a manifestation of our values. Strengthening ties to the communities where we work—backed by a commitment to engaging community partners, clients, and colleagues—is at the core of what we do and is a governing factor that shapes all parts of our business. Charitable contributions and volunteerism are significant parts of our history and are integrated into our ongoing business strategy. Our commitment involves hard work across all facets of the company to help make neighborhoods, cities, and the planet a better place.

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